THANGsgiving: Black Friday Dance/Music/Performart

Thangsgiving THANGSgiving

what: Art on Black Friday including dance movements and musicians playing with feeling presenting world premiers of original scores, and even some other hard-to-characterize performative thangs.

when: Black Friday, November 28th, 2014. 10 to 5

how much: suggested donation, 1/1 (only a buck an hour!). Come and go as you please.


  • 10-11:30– movement music workshop led by Joe Burgio
  • 10:30 to noon– performances
  • 1:00 to 5:00– performances

Featuring the exquisite voco/loco/moto stylings of

  • VoltaireAKAW2AKAWalterWright
  • JoeBurgioBodyDramaSundayEdition
  • LynnFrederiksenPaulKGDance
  • JeanneTraxlerAKAPeanutChiefPB&J
  • Andrea-gelaPenSawyerdado
  • CrankSturgeonHuevosOffTheRancheroCaviarEmptor
  • SkinnyÉmuZoéDance
  • MarcBissonthunderingAcrossTheVeldt
  • RandyWinchesterWithHDEmbouchure
  • SteveNortonAntivirusFreeVersion
  • Mitchelka
  • KattHernandez
  • AlexKafka
  • BackPocketDance
  • YukaTakahashi
  • AlissaCardoneKino
  • FlandrewFleisenbergJoshJeffersonSkinnyVinny
  • JackWright
  • DeiXhristalmighty
  • MorganEvans-Weiler
  • JenGelineauAndFriends
  • ClaireBarratt
  • MattSamolisShoe
  • TeresaCzepiel
  • MaxLORDand SaraJUNe
  • WelcomeShaynaChristDulberger
  • VitekKruta
  • moremoremore

Unlock: A Very non-PC Exhibit.

IMG_3810Seven artists share their visual, political commentary on our culture, the environment and politics!

Opening Reception October 24, 2014. 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Free and Open to the public.

Mitchel Ahern, Boston, MA., Greg Kitterle, Boston, MA., David Magdalenski, Amesbury, MA., Asia Scudder, Exeter, NH., Augustus Goertz, New York, NY., Daniel VenJean, Paris, France, Carol Wintle, Belmont, MA.

Runs through November 11, 2014.

Our Second Civil War

Gallery show in planning.

A war is upon us, only we don’t quite see it. The Second Civil War is a war disguised by words; it’s happening in front of us only we don’t see it, at least not all of it. It is not a war of words; it is a war with real casualties. It is a war to deprive citizens of this nation, and all nations, of their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Millions have been marginalized, incarcerated, injured and died.

IMG_0147This exhibit’s intention is to do its part to lift the linguistic veil that hides the carnage. In addition to the gallery show, there will be a demonstration in front of the Federal courthouse featuring works from the show, as well as presentations from the artists other activists and organizations.

This show is still in the planning stage.

Contact Mitchel Ahern at, 508.397.1482


Atlantic Works Gallery’s Plan 9 from Outer Space


At this writing I’m still editing.

You can also check out the rushes from the shooting sessions:

Press Release: Atlantic Works Gallery’s Plan 9 from Outer Space

An Atlantic Works Gallery Film Studio and Movie Shoot

  • Show Duration: May 8 – 31, 2014
  • Show Opening and Shooting Crowd Scenes Thursday May 8, 6-9 pm
  • Scheduled Film Shoots Saturdays May 9, 16, 23 & 30 2-6 pm
  • Third Thursday Green Screen Shooting May 22 6-9 pm
  • Gallery Hours Fridays and Saturdays 2-6 pm

This group show will recreate Ed Wood’s masterwork: Plan Nine From Outer Space. The visual aspect of the show will interpret aspects of the film, and the gallery (and environs) will be transformed into a film set. The film will then be acted out by Gallery members and friends, and taped in HD video. The film will be edited and shown at the gallery, YouTube and perhaps other venues. At the opening and Third Thursday receptions there will be refreshments, art and shooting of crowd scenes and green screen videos. The gallery will be open during normal hours, and filming of scenes will be going on.
Contact Mitchel Ahern at, 508.397.1482
Atlantic Works Gallery, 80 Border St, East Boston, MA 02128

Live Performance Letterpress at the Opening of Design Museum Boston’s Green Patriot Posters Exhibition

I worked with the Design Museum Boston to do live performance letterpress printing at the opening of their exhibit Green Patriot Posters. I brought my smallest press, a Line-O’-Scribe showcard press, along with a 72-point font, and a hand-cut Green Patriot logo image. Over the course of the evening I printed personalized posters, by swapping in people’s names at the top of the poster.

Thermodynamic Causal Entropic Forces

A recording from the Memorial Day Picnic at 119 Gallery – Mitchel Ahern performing Thermodynamic Causal Entropic Forces on Swamp Thing II, based on a paper Causal Entropic Forces (easier to read article) by By A. D. Wissner-Gross and C. E. Freer. The canvas hanging as a backdrop is Thermodynamic Causal Entropic Forces, 2013, a multiblock typographic linocut monoprint on fabric.

Video by Steve “Rat” Albert.



Welcome to Control – November at Atlantic Works Gallery

Welcome to Control is an Installation of Typographic Monoprints, Mechanical Mind Control and Fiber Performance Art

There is a pervasive international, pan-dimensional organization known as Control responsible for cultural manipulation and management. Although the goals of the organization remain secret, Control has established a visitor center designed by artist Mitchel K Ahern.

Featuring work in large-format typographic prints on fabric, he incorporates them into performance and mechanical devices including the Scrolling Cut-Up Oracle of Control and a working Burroughs/Gysin Dream Machine in the Cone of Silence room created by Sarah Bennett.

  • Mitchel K Ahern, fiber performance artist
  • Show Dates: November 1 thru Nov 24, 2012
  • Opening Reception: Thursday, Nov 1
  • Third Thursday Opening and Performances: Nov 15
  • Additional Performances: Saturdays Nov 3, 10, 17 & 24
  • Atlantic Works Gallery, 80 Border St., East Boston Mass.

Help! Help! We’re being oppressed!

Once upon a time there was a people who felt oppressed.

They were beholding to globe-spanning corporations whose terms and conditions impoverished and restricted them for life. A hereditary oligarchy controlled the military, which was dispatched to do the corporations bidding. A hereditary monarchy managed international relations by trading their sons and daughters with each other through marriage. Religious institutions of state worked to keep the populace docile, and enforce respect for the ruling classes.

There were rebellions. One, in North America, shook off the corporations, oligarchs and monarchs and embarked on a radical experiment; they sought to create a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Religion was respected, but separated from the role of government.

Despite fighting a ruinous civil war to defend a government dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, this nation has slowly traded away its birthright for money and perceived security. A rising oligarchy has been rewriting the rules to expand their share of the national income, to pass that income on to their heirs, to grant rights to corporations once held only by people, and to rig the election system so that only those with access to enormous sums can run for office. Specific religions have been entwined with the state, benefitting from largess, and providing support in return.

As a result this nation, which still prides itself on being an exceptional nation, which once led the world in the health of its people, in its level of education, in the potential for upward mobility, and in the achievements of its industry, has now so declined as to be behind the developed world in all of these areas. Only its military is still first in the world, and it has become a terror to the nations which once admired it, and a source of limitless corruption.

In the current election there is a candidate who has expressed full support for these changes; who is himself a member of the hereditary oligarchy. Who wishes to roll back civil liberties. Who wishes to roll back health protection. Who wishes to even further expand the military. Who supports expanded integration of religion and government. Should this candidate win it may not be possible to prevent this vision of a people free from unilateral domination by the oligarchy, the military and the religious authorities from perishing.

Meet me at the Multispace for a chai, flash book club and a quick staff meeting.

We used to go to the kind of space where we could sample, think about, consume and purchase media. That space might have been a bookstore, a record store, a library, a news stand, the video rental store or the public library.

But as our media has gone digital, physical browsing spaces have been disappearing. Video rentals are a thing of the past. Bookstores and record stores are declining rapidly. News stands shrink as magazines fail. Libraries are under financial pressure and have cut back hours.

And yet that urge to discuss, review and connect persists; what shall replace the space to do that in?

As goes the record store, so goes the office

There is another trend that may relate to this: the disaggregation of the office. With more people working from home, or working for themselves, there is a need for a place to plug in and drink an uplifting beverage. The sight of people tapping at their laptop, sucking on the wifi, while sipping at a latte is a familiar one.

Coffee shops have dabbled in media, and media stores have dabbled in coffee. Perhaps there could be a new kind of space that encourages and combines these activities and more. Larger than a simple coffee shop, with different pods for different activities: games, music, video, books, working, meeting and beverages.

Maybe it’s like a mall, after all

True, having a space large enough for so many uses would require more overhead than a single business would want to cover. So let’s say that there are lots of businesses, smallish ones, that are embedded in the space. The digital ones might be consumed through screens; there might be clever algorithms based on aggregate user preferences derived from the libraries in visitors’ devices. Come on in and meet with fellow fans, learn new stuff from other people in a comfortable digitally enhanced environment, with the beverage or snack of your choice.

There might be small/local food and drinks kiosks. Immersive game playing rooms. Business meeting rooms. Quiet reading rooms. Quiet working rooms. Assemblies of crafts people, or game rooms. Small businesses might come and go on an hourly basis. Make an appointment and set up your storefront, or showroom or flash gallery. And then take it down.

To me this sounds like a mall, or it might be retrofitted to a declining mall. It sounds flexible and fun. Someplace you can go for an hour or two, sample some music, sit in on a flash book club, play a video game, purchase something, make a call, get a little work done. It’s a fluid community enabled by the technologies that are working against community.

It might even be profitable.