Here’s a brand I would buy: Least

I’m sure I read this on the internetworks somewhere: use less laundry detergent. Lots less; less than half, even. And here’s how you can tell. Wash a fluffy hand towel using the regular amount of detergent. Put the towel in the sink and get it really wet and squish it around. You’ll get soap foam, a lot of it. Why? Because you’re using way too much laundry detergent!

And all that stuff goes down the drain, for millions of us.

Now I’m no hippy dippy never washes his clothes or hair type of character, but on the other hand waste for profit sake is just annoying and – wasteful. I think there’s a lot of products like this. You’re instructed to use too much of it. There’s too much packaging. It’s unnecessary.

So here’s a brand I would buy: LEAST. A range of products pledged to the idea of being the least amount of product possible. Less packaging. Minimum portions. No advertising. No added smells. Refillable. Easily recyclable, or better yet compostable.

And LEAST would have a whole range of products they just don’t sell. Scented air fresheners. Fabric softener. Avocado slicers. But they should have little tags in the aisle where those things would go: “Least doesn’t make one of these because you don’t need it.”

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