Why does my phone keep asking me who I am?

My phone is one of the smartest devices I ever met.

It beats me at games. It understands me when I talk to it. I can ask it questions, and some of the time it gives me the right answer. It knows where I am; it knows where I’ve been. It guesses what the next thing is I’m going to type and corrects my grammar.

So why does it keep asking me who I am? Doesn’t it know?

Why does it keep asking for alphanumeric codes from my meat brain, as if I’m supposed to remember? As if my fat fingers are going to hit all the numbers. Sometimes it even makes other computers text me with other random codes to type in! Where does it end?

It’s with me all the time, yet I’ll be there in my own house and it asks me again who I am. Why doesn’t it know? It has a camera, and it can even recognize other people; why not me? I can take a picture of a receipt and get reimbursed, why can’t it take a thumbprint, or retinal print, or analyze my DNA?

I want my phone to know who I am, and negotiate with all the other digital entities for me.

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