I Don’t Want to Join You – I Only Want to Give You Money

I’m amazed at some of the dumb practices I see in online stores.

Imagine walking into Target and trying to buy a pair of socks. “Sure!” says the cashier, “just fill out this membership application, and we’ll take your money and give you socks.”

“Can’t I just buy the socks?”

“Sorry, no. It’s important to us to really know who you are. Just pick out your special in-store name, no not that one someone else has it. Not that one either, someone else has it too – here you can use this one and we’ll just randomly attach a number – don’t forget it now?”

“Can I buy the socks now?”

“Almost – just pick out a password so you can get back into the store next time you need socks.”

“Can’t I just come back when I need socks?”

“As a service to you we want to remind you when you need socks, so we *need* this relationship with before we an sell you these socks.”

“Finewhatever, here’s my password.”

“No, that one’s too short. Not that one, it’s too simple. Keep guessing, you’re getting warm! Just add a special character – no, not that special. Good.”

“Can I buy the socks?”

“Absolutely!, what color?”

One thought on “I Don’t Want to Join You – I Only Want to Give You Money

  1. I love this. I had something like this happen when I bought my camera at Target. They wouldn’t clear my check and said in order to get the camera by check I would have to get a Target debit card and had to fill out all the information. I did it to get the camera but have destroyed the debit card that later came in the mail. And I don’t shop Target any more. Unless I’m really desperate.

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