Help! Help! We’re being oppressed!

Once upon a time there was a people who felt oppressed.

They were beholding to globe-spanning corporations whose terms and conditions impoverished and restricted them for life. A hereditary oligarchy controlled the military, which was dispatched to do the corporations bidding. A hereditary monarchy managed international relations by trading their sons and daughters with each other through marriage. Religious institutions of state worked to keep the populace docile, and enforce respect for the ruling classes.

There were rebellions. One, in North America, shook off the corporations, oligarchs and monarchs and embarked on a radical experiment; they sought to create a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Religion was respected, but separated from the role of government.

Despite fighting a ruinous civil war to defend a government dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, this nation has slowly traded away its birthright for money and perceived security. A rising oligarchy has been rewriting the rules to expand their share of the national income, to pass that income on to their heirs, to grant rights to corporations once held only by people, and to rig the election system so that only those with access to enormous sums can run for office. Specific religions have been entwined with the state, benefitting from largess, and providing support in return.

As a result this nation, which still prides itself on being an exceptional nation, which once led the world in the health of its people, in its level of education, in the potential for upward mobility, and in the achievements of its industry, has now so declined as to be behind the developed world in all of these areas. Only its military is still first in the world, and it has become a terror to the nations which once admired it, and a source of limitless corruption.

In the current election there is a candidate who has expressed full support for these changes; who is himself a member of the hereditary oligarchy. Who wishes to roll back civil liberties. Who wishes to roll back health protection. Who wishes to even further expand the military. Who supports expanded integration of religion and government. Should this candidate win it may not be possible to prevent this vision of a people free from unilateral domination by the oligarchy, the military and the religious authorities from perishing.

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