Curriculum Vitae

Mitchel Ahern is a print maker, writer and fiber performance artist.

He has invented a variety of electro-acoustic musical instruments including the Harrow, the Lid, the Crutch, the Electroluxopipeophone, and the Leaf-Springoleon. Mitchel performs on these instruments solo and in groups such as the The Invented Thing Quartet, PKD, the dadallama performance company and Ursonate Urchestra, in venues including the Knitting Factory, Open Sound, Sonorium, AS220, Zeitgeist, the Middle East, the Rat and galleries such as King Hooper and Gallery 119.

He also writes performance art pieces such as Stalingrad, Martha Stewart in the Underworld, and Perky Pat Layouts which he performs solo and with a variety of participating artists.

Mitchel is an active printmaker creating multiple-block mono-prints using linoleum block alphabets and illustrations he designs and cuts himself. Projects include The Angry Dishtowels, The Articles of the Robot Rescue League, the On The Road Kerouac Scrolls, Gettysburg Scroll and the 108 Defilements of Buddhism which he has shown at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln MA and in galleries such as 516 Arts in Albuquerque NM, Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston, Lincoln Arts Project in Waltham, Gallery 119 in Lowell, Galatea in Boston and Outpost Gallery in Cambridge.

He has been an artist member of Gallery 119 and Atlantic Works Gallery.

Partial List of Visual Art and Performance Art Exhibitions

  • Dhalgren Sunrise, Fully Staged, June 2017, TBD
  • Dhalgren Sunrise – Selection, Opening of Black Box Theater, Chelsea Mass. November 2016
  • Thangsgiving Festival, performing for dance, and reading of unpublished novel, November 25, 2016
  • Dhalgren Sunrise – Fragments, Wonder Valley 8 Festival, Joshua Tree, CA, April 9 2016
  • Dhalgren Sunrise – Fragments, Outpost Gallery, Inman Square Boston, March 2016
  • Animal Farm, Atlantic Works Gallery, September 2016
  • Rochester Book Arts Center, Solo Show, November 2016 2016
  • Boston Biennial Project 4 – Atlantic Works Gallery, May 2016
  • (IICW – Second Civil War)
  • Plan 9 From Outer Space, Atlantic Works Gallery (organized by Mitchel Ahern), April 2014
  • Double Your Fun, Members Exhibit, Gallery 119, July 2013
  • Thermodynamic Causal Entropic Forces (Fiber Performance), Gallery 119, June 2013
  • VizPO: Artworks in which we use Words, Atlantic Works Gallery, April 2013
  • The Song Remains the Same, group show at Atlantic Works Gallery (organized by Mitchel Ahern)
  • Welcome to Control, solo installation at Atlantic Works Gallery, November 2012
  • With a Little Help from Our Friends at Atlantic Works Gallery, East Boston MA, May 2012
  • Biennial Project at Bizarre Artist Happenings, Atlantic Works Gallery, July 2012
  • Patricia’s Quilt Show, August 2012
  • Biennial Project Whitney Biennial at Spattered Column Gallery, NYC March 2012
  • The Gallery at Chelsea City, 2012
  • Collective II at Galatea on Harrison Ave in Boston, MA, August 2011, Juried Show
  • Bogus, Lincoln Arts Project, Waltham MA, March 2012, Juried Show
  • 7th Annual Juried Show: Inside-Out, Gallery 119, December, 2011
  • All Works Guaranteed Stolen, concepted and exhibited group show at Atlantic Works Gallery, January 2011
  • KOANS, duo show at Atlantic Works Gallery with Eddie Holtorf, November, 2010
  • All Works Guaranteed Stolen at Atlantic Works Gallery
  • Collective at Galatea on Harrison Ave in Boston, MA, August 2010, Juried Show
  • Help From Our Friends Show at Atlantic Works Gallery, East Boston, July 2010
  • New Members’ Show at Atlantic Works Gallery, East Boston, February 2010
  • Biennial Project Show at Atlantic Works Gallery, East Boston, August 2009
  • Material is Language, Gallery 119, Lowell MA, December 2009, Juried Show
  • 4th Annual Juried Show: Anxiety Attack, Gallery 119, December 2008
  • Underground Map, Manchester, NH, November 2008, Solo Show
  • Outpost Gallery, Cambridge, September 2008, Solo Show
  • Ello Gallery, Political Art, Portsmouth NH, October 2008, Juried Show
  • Speak Out: Art, Design and Politics, 516 Gallery, Albuquerque NM, November 2008
  • DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park 2008 Annual Show
  • Marblehead Arts Association, Marblehead MA, October 2007

A small selection of the venues I have performed at:

  • Figment Boston, Oracle of Control, August 2016
  • Figment Boston, Roving Scroll Theater, September 2013
  • Figment NYC, Roving Scroll Theater, August 2012
  • Kurt Schwitters Ursonate Urchestra
  • Cyberarts Festival
  • Walters Performance for School
  • Perky Pat at Lowell public access
  • Mitchel and Walter at SCAT
  • Trenton Avant Garde Festival
  • Knitting Factory
  • The Rat
  • The Middle East

And he gets press:

  • Boston Globe About Town