I have been associated with WCUW Community Radio since 1978, and continue to do radio shows on a rotating basis on Music Under the Moon, with co-hosts Andrew Cimino, Seamus Williams and Valerie Sampson.

I perform on various self-invented musical instruments, as well as doing occasional audio mash-ups.

The Invented Thing Quartet: Bob Jordan, Mitchel Ahern, Ken 42R Dowen, Scott Haig, Marshall Brooks; Active 1980-1990

The Mass Sonics: Mark Mills, Mitchel Ahern, (Debi Lang percussion in performance); Active 1980-1984

The Judas and Natasha Experiment: Judas and Natasha Hannah, Mitchel Ahern, Mark Mills, Michael Bloom, Maxwell McLean, Mike Castellana, Peter Hoepfer

Mitchel Ahern Solo

Mitchel Ahern’s Invented Instruments
Mitchel Ahern and Joe Brown
  • SNGLRTY [too big for WordPress hosting]
Mitchel Ahern and Doug Hammer
Mitchel Ahern and Pacey Foster
  • Psalad Days [too big for WordPress hosting]

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